Welcome to the New Blog

Alright, it took a couple of days, but here we are. I’ll admit, it’s not the fanciest thing in the world, but hey, it’s free, so I’ll take it!

I have been blogging for a little over two years. When I first got started, I was writing almost daily. But over the last 6 months, I felt some kind of weird block when it came to writing. Still can’t put my finger on all the reasons why, but I definitely landed on two.

1. God was doing a work in me that called for my silence. Too often I run my mouth at the expense of listening and learning. The same applied to blogging…I needed to be listening, not writing.

2. Everything is new. New city. New church. New ideas. New friendships. New partners in ministry. New…everything. So, I decided last week it was time for a new blog to go with my new everything else.

So, here we are. A fresh start. And you know what, I’m excited about it!

I’m going to have some more fun, share more of what God is up to in me, share what God is up to in our city, share our successes and struggles in planting Awaken Church, and I’m going to ask for your help – maybe help in brainstorming, in making sense of a problem, pressing through a challenge…who knows. My hope in it all is that we can have fun and learn together.

To all of you who have stuck around over the last few months…thanks! To those of you who are new to the game…welcome aboard! Be sure to click on the appropriate option under Subscription Options so that you never miss a post.

It’s a new day…let’s do this!


One Comment on “Welcome to the New Blog”

  1. milo wilson says:

    welcome back! Its too bad i didn’t save all of your intelligent posts from before… now I will have to start reading what you have to say again.

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