Don’t Add Another Thing

As we build the culture of Awaken Church, we talk a lot about living with enough margin to leverage the opportunities that God gives to serve, give, and bless. Nearly every time we do, the number one question is inevitably on it’s way…

“I hear what you’re talking about and I see what Jesus says and I want to serve and bless people. I really do. But, I am just so busy. I can’t imagine adding one more thing to my schedule. What am I supposed to do?”

Let’s face it…more us respond that way than we would care to admit. Between jobs, kids, activities, school, etc., most of us have our plate full. Not only is it full, but we’re piling on in stacks. If this is true, then what is the answer to the above question?

Don’t add another thing to your schedule…including serving/blessing/giving…until you do something else first. Here’s what Frances Chan says in his book, Crazy Love:

Most of us are so busy that the thought of adding one more thing to our weekly schedule is stressful. Instead of adding another thing to our lives, perhaps God wants us to give Him all of our time and let Him direct it as He sees fit.” (120)

Before you add anything, give all of your time to God. After all, He’s the one that gave it to you. Every moment you’re alive is a moment He planned for and granted you by His grace and for His glory. The time you and I have is not ours…it’s God’s and all of it is intended to be used for Him and His kingdom.

What would happen if you erased everything off your calendar and the re-filled it with the stuff that you know is most important to God and is the best use of the time that He has given you? What would be permanently removed? What would be decreased? What would be increased? Do you trust Him enough to do it?

If the thought of using time to serve and bless others feels like one more thing to add to your plate and the thought of trying to do so stresses you out, it’s time to stop. Don’t add another thing until you give your time…all of it…back to the One who gave it to you in the first place.


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