Pray for the Tipping Family


I want to ask all of you to take a minute today and pray for Allen & Courtney Tipping. Allen is the Community Missions Pastor and Courtney is a children’s ministry leader at Midtown Fellowship in downtown Columbia. They are incredible people who love Jesus and give of themselves selflessly in innumerable ways.

A few months ago, they found out Courtney was pregnant with sextuplets. A couple of weeks ago, Courtney went into pre-term labor with the babies having just past the 20 week mark. It’s been a roller coaster ride of good days and not so good days.

Two of the babies were delivered last week and did not live. Yesterday, the remaining four were delivered and did not live either. You can only imagine the pain Allen and Courtney and their families are feeling right now. You can hear their grief and hope in Jesus in Courtney’s words on their blog: “I hope God was glorified somehow through this. I still love Him.”

Would you stop for a moment and pray for the Tipping’s? Pray that God would glorify Himself even more through these precious little babies and their parents. Pray that God would bring peace to Allen and Courtney and their families. Pray that God will use this in their church. After you pray, drop them a note on their blog, where you can read their whole story.


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