How God Stretches Me


This has been a week of adjustment and learning. I haven’t slept much, my mind is on go 24/7, and I clearly sense God at work in and around me. This usually happens in a transition of seasons…seasons of life, leadership, and ministry, not the pollen infested green grass and blooming flowers kind of season transition.

I love new ideas. Change doesn’t scare me. This is mostly good. Consequently, I can be scatterbrained as all get out and a pretty frustrating person to follow and work with. Focus is often hard for me to come by.

I’ve learned this week that when God stretches me, He calls me to focus. He doesn’t have to push me to dream bigger or to do more. I’m always up for that. But He does have to press in on me to get me to focus on where I am…the opportunity that’s here now…the person that’s here now…the season that’s here now.

And I have to be okay with that realizing that the dream that’s “out there” won’t happen if what needs to be done “right here” doesn’t happen. Knowing what to do and doing it in the right here requires focus.

I’m excited because that means a new season is ahead and a new season means new growth. Growth for me, growth for our family (not the reproducing kind :-)), growth for our church, growth for those God has given me influence with.

Specifically, God’s been pressing me to focus my time, relational bandwidth, and my/our ministry focus. Amazing how quickly all three of those can get away from me. And it’s not because of a lack of big vision. It’s because of a lack of big focus.

What are you dreaming of that is still out there? What do you need to do in the right here so that your dream can become reality? Let God stretch you in the “right here” and bring the focus you need so the “out there” can happen!


2 Comments on “How God Stretches Me”

  1. Anthony Bellve says:

    God has been Stretching me. You have to hear this. There is more. Please respond.

  2. Anthony Bell says:

    Anthony Bellve :
    God has been Stretching me. You have to hear this. There is more. Please respond.

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