Friday Five

It’s the Friday Five…five bits of randomness to round out the week:

1. My mom is spending the weekend with us! Love having her here, but weird just saying, “My mom is in town” as opposed to “My parents are in town.” All in all, she’s doing well. We’re going to live it up in Columbia tomorrow!

2. Looking forward to preaching the last message in our series, Death By Love, this Sunday at Awaken. We’ve looked at 4 things Jesus accomplished on the cross that we could not have accomplished for ourselves. This week, we’re talking about Jesus cleansing our sin and putting it to death on the cross. All of our stains can be washed away…such a message of hope! Join us at 10:30a at Polo Road Elementary School.

3. Speaking of Polo Road, we had a great time serving breakfast to the teachers and staff there on Wednesday. Lots of great conversations with teachers about how we can get even more involved in mentoring kids that have a void of father/mother-figures in their lives. What those teachers deal with day in/day out blows my mind – they need us and we need them. Looking forward to what’s ahead there!

4. First week working out of my new home office was a good one. Need to rework my schedule and rhythm some to best utilize it and still be out and about for meetings and think time. And, gotta get a decent desk chair…this chair I hijacked out of our kitchen is a killer on the posterior after about 30 minutes!

5. I need to read some fiction. All my reading is non-fiction, so my brain never shuts off or slows down because I’m always trying to find that big, transformational point/principle/truth. Need a story I can get lost in…any suggestions of good fiction books?

Have a marvelous weekend…dodge the pollen…enjoy your family and friends…take time to do nothing…and come to Awaken Church on Sunday!


4 Comments on “Friday Five”

  1. Chris F says:

    Ted Dekker is my favorite author. If you like Narnia/Lord of the Rings/fantasy in general, read his Circle Trilogy (Black, Red, White). If you like mystery/suspense read Thr3e or House. Also, Blessed Child and A Man Called Blessed are good ones. Really, anything by Dekker is a winner.

  2. Travis Wright says:

    i have the opposite problem…i rarely read non-fiction…check out east of eden, or into the wild….both are great, but very different books…i think you’d like both of them.

  3. jayhardwick says:

    thanks for the suggestions, chris and travis! will definitely check those out.

  4. Ashley Ables says:

    The Glass Castle. It’s really fascinating!

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