The Day of Hope for Every Cubs Fan


It’s that glorious day that comes every spring.

You know it by the hint of warmth, the cool breeze, the splash of sunshine, and the hope shared by a fraternity of long-suffering fans of which I am a lifetime member.

Yes, folks, it’s baseball’s opening day. And together with all Cubs fans everywhere, we hope against hope and wonder…”Could this be the year?”

Could this be the year that our beloved Cubbies move from “loveable losers” to “World Champions” for the first time in 101 years? Could this be the year that billy goats are rendered meaningless? Could this be the year that we’ll imagine Harry Caray yelling the ultimate, “Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!”

Despite all the heartache from years of losing, years of slipping in the playoffs…think last year’s sweep from the Dodgers and the Steve Bartman fiasco in ’03…years of being flat terrible, Opening Day brings with it fresh hope. Could this be the year?

It all starts tonight at 7:05 pm in Houston. No better way to kick off the season than to beat the Astros and Roy Oswalt!

Here’s to hope and the Cubbies! Let’s play ball!


3 Comments on “The Day of Hope for Every Cubs Fan”

  1. rhettburns says:

    This sounds eerily similar to my thinking at beginning of each Gamecock football season. Greatness, one day…

  2. jayhardwick says:

    yeah, my picks for sports teams don’t have the greatest legacies…gamecocks, cubs, and dolphins. the ‘phins had their day, but it was mostly before i was born or could understand what it means to stink and lose all the time. yet, every year, i hope!

    greatness will come for all three, especially the gamecocks. hope we’re still around when it happens!

  3. you are a good man Jay…. loves Jesus, Loves the Cubs……. you are my friend and i dont even know you

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