MidWeek Update

The last three weeks ago have been borderline surreal for me. What was a pipe dream almost 2 years ago is starting to happen! Everyday, the vision for Awaken Church comes alive a little bit more. Life is crazy right now, but it’s the best kind of crazy I know! Here’s a snippit of what’s going on…

  • Movies in the Park last Friday night was a HUGE success! Over 700 people came out for a totally FREE event that cost us very, very little thanks to our numerous community sponsors. Together, we gave over 300 pounds of food to Harvest Hope Food Bank. Can’t wait to do it again next Friday!
  • Our team was unbelievable! Many of them came straight from work to start setting up at 5:00pm and many did not leave until 11:00pm. The park director said it was by far the best event of its size he has ever been a part of! I love the team God has brought together to start Awaken!
  • This week has been “Get Ready for Preview Services” week. We’re making equipment purchases, finalizing systems, organizing our serving teams, training leaders, training volunteers…and so much more. The wheels are most definitely spinning…
  • Met with our Sunday morning Serving Team Captains last night – great group of visionary leaders! They’re ready to do this!
  • We’re heading to Atlanta on Friday to pickup some equipment from our good friends at Oak Leaf Church. Love the way they help resource upcoming church plants – they’ve helped us meet some huge needs!
  • We’re doing a communion & prayer service with our launch team on August 9, and two public preview services on August 16 and August 30. I am so ready to preach for these services!
  • Got some staff announcements to make – will do announce them on Sunday to our team and on here Sunday night or Monday.
  • And no, I have not forgotten to finish the series of posts I started a couple of weeks ago called Together for the Gospel. The last two posts will hit next week.
  • Did you know we’re 36 days away from Gamecock Football?! YES!

My wife is awesome! I love my kids! I love my team! I love my life right now…Glory to God!


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