Friday Five

It’s Friday. Which means it’s time for the Friday Five…

  1. MOVIES IN THE PARK is tonight at North Springs Park! Gates open at 7:30 pm and the movie will begin at sunset…about 8:30 pm. Tonight’s movie = Kung Fu Panda…should be funny. Our big goal is to Give a Ton of Hope to Harvest Hope – we want to raise 2000 lbs. of food over the next two events. It’s all FREE, so bring the fam and enjoy a beautiful night!
  2. I’m all kinds of excited about our Prayer & Communion Service on Sunday with our Launch Team and others who are helping Awaken get started. It’s all for naught if we forget that it’s all about Jesus. We’ll remember and celebrate that on Sunday.
  3. Our first Preview Service is next Sunday, August 16! Just typing that pumps me up and makes me want to throw up all at the same time.
  4. The days and weeks ahead will require transitions in my leadership that will stretch me like no other season has to this point. People will have to be empowered to lead if this thing is going to fly and that responsibility falls on my shoulders. Praying for God’s grace as we move forward!
  5. I still cannot believe this is happening. Two years ago, Awaken Church was a pipe dream and now, it’s becoming reality. God is good! May He be honored and lifted high by Awaken Church and may thousands find life in Him as a result!

See you next week with full reports from the weekend and who knows what as we get ready for next Sunday. One thing I know…it’s going to be fun! Have a great weekend!


One Comment on “Friday Five”

  1. Hey Jay, I’m Stephen. I go to USC and saw that you were planting a church in Columbia, so congrats can’t wait to see the cool stuff that comes out of that.

    Anyway I’m affilliated w/ I look forward to seeing Awaken in Action.


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