MidWeek Update

We’re in the middle of another action-packed week as we get ready for the biggest weekend in Awaken Church’s brief history. Here’s the scoop on what’s happenin’…

  • Had our last Sunday morning Launch Team meeting this past Sunday. I love this group of people! They truly “get it,” which gives me great joy and expectation as their pastor! They love Jesus, they love people, and they are hungry to see God move in our city. Cannot wait to see how God uses them as we move forward to full, public launch!
  • Weathermen in Columbia do not know what they are talking about…ever! If they call for snow, wear shorts. If they call for rain, ditch the umbrella. Seriously.
  • But, they couldn’t keep us down because our team rallied together on Sunday and passionately decided to re-schedule Movies in the Park for this Friday night, August 28. I am so proud of our team not just for deciding to do the event, but for the reasons why. Like I said earlier, they get it.
  • We’re getting geared up for our 2nd Preview Service on Sunday morning! I cannot wait for Sunday to get here! The 1st Preview Service went so well and we have made a ton of improvements since then…can’t wait to see what happens! Pray that Jesus will be lifted high, that we’ll connect with lots of new people, and that they will want to come back and join the mission.
  • A great team of AC’ers served Carolina students at Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM) last night. The BCM leaders called the food spread the best ever and Sam did an amazing job creating an Awaken-like environment for serving the food. Pipe and Drape works anywhere and everywhere!
  • I woke up wide-eyed at 1:17 am on Tuesday morning and when I put my head back on my pillow at 4:48 am, I had sermon series/concepts laid out through Easter 2010…and a pretty good start on beyond that. Love it when God speaks! Now, time to DO WORK to get ready to preach all those bad boys. Can’t wait!
  • Last, but not least, gotta drop a line for Catalyst Conference. Can’t wait to celebrate 10 years of leadership goodness on October 7-9 in Atlanta with the best speaker lineup ever. If you’re not registered yet, what the heck are you waiting on? Best prices are available NOW and the next deadline is TOMORROW, so get on your horse and call my main man Chad Johnson (not to be confused with Ochocinco) and get signed up. I’ll see you there!

Here’s to Wednesday!


One Comment on “MidWeek Update”

  1. Micah Foster says:

    it will be my first time at catalyst this year! pretty freagin’ excited.

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