Awaken Church Launches This Sunday!


Launch weekend is here! Can’t wait for Sunday! Here are 5 things you can pray for Sunday:

  1. Pray that Jesus will be lifted high in everything we do!
  2. Pray that as He is lifted high, that He will draw men, women, and children to Himself. Pray for people to surrender their lives to Jesus on Sunday!
  3. Pray for our serving teams to have the assurance that nothing they do for Jesus is in vain and that as a result, they will go over the top in their ministry areas on Sunday. Pray that God will honor them for their commitment to Him!
  4. Pray for things to go well in the adult worship experience and in our AwakenKids elementary experience. Pray for no technical glitches! Pray for Josh Davis and our band to lead worship with confident humility in the adult experience.
  5. Pray for me as I preach. I cannot put into words the weight of responsibility the Lord has given me to communicate His Word in such a way that the people He sends will fall head over heels in love with Jesus. I am humbled and honored. Pray for accuracy, clarity, and power – pray for the Holy Spirit to do His thing!

Our first series is simply called The Gospel. What better way to start than with the center of everything we are and everything we do! We’re going to spend most of the next 4 weeks in John 3.

Most people have heard of Jesus and most people have heard the Gospel…but has anything changed as a result? The reality is that when the Gospel takes root in our lives, everything changes – starting with us and extending to the world. God has been using His Gospel to change lives, cities, and nations for 2000 years and we’re praying we will see the same thing happen over the next 4 weeks as we launch Awaken Church.

Join us THIS Sunday at 10:30 am at Polo Road Elementary School. We’re ready for you!


5 Comments on “Awaken Church Launches This Sunday!”

  1. Awesome! that’s so cool! prayin.

  2. Diane Hardwick says:

    To God be the Glory…

  3. […] all that God is doing in our lives and our church so far.  We will be starting a series called The Gospel.   Our band met last night for three hours to prepare our hearts and to rehearse for this week. I […]

  4. Judy Sanders says:

    Am praying & have just finished praying through all five of your request.
    Will wait to see what God will do through His humble servants.

  5. Melissa says:

    I am praying for your church launch.

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