Marked by Moments

Our lives are marked by moments.

First words. First steps. First bike ride. First day of school. First kiss. Graduation. Wedding day.

Some are big like those I just listed. Some are small, routine, and seemingly everyday…yet they have a profound impact.

Last week at Catalyst Conference, what started as a seemingly routine moment turned into a huge one that marked me and our family for life. You can watch the video here. Seriously…do it.

As a result of this moment, our family sponsored our first child through Compassion International. We told Jimmy’s story to our girls before we introduced them to our sponsored child, Bontu, a kindergarten-aged child in Ethiopia. Our girls couldn’t wait to write Bontu a letter and now we pray for her each night. They are being marked now and they know God is using them to make a difference in her life and family. And this is just the beginning.

We plan to highlight initiatives such as Compassion as well as adoption very soon at Awaken. Can’t wait to see how God will move as we do!

Seriously…who knew that $38 dollars per month could lead to a life and a moment like this? We serve an awesomely gracious, sovereign, and good God!


2 Comments on “Marked by Moments”

  1. Jeremiah Jones says:

    That was a seriously amazing moment…Becca and I were both moved deeply by seeing the grace of God first hand!

  2. milo wilson says:

    I agree with you that this was an amazing moment. I admit I was a bit annoyed at 1st, when he said: “why don’t we bring his sponsor out for every one,” because I felt like they were trying to fabricate an emotional moment… like on Extreme Makeover Home Edition or something. I almost expected the lights to brighten, and an orchestral crescendo to be pumped through the speakers.

    But it wasn’t fabricated. It was real. It was a real a moment as I have ever witnessed in person. It made me uncomfortable to watch it. It made me cry. I made me realize the incredible need before us. It was incredible.

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