Annnnnd…We’re Back

I’m excited about getting back to regular writing on my blog. I tried during the New Thru 30 season in January and got back in the groove…but then I goofed up something with my blog and the posts I wrote were deleted. Frustrating to say the least.

Writing is a discipline and it’s one that I need to re-cultivate. I’ve read repeatedly that the best public speakers are often well-disciplined writers. Writing forces the author to weigh every word and only use the very best. Everyone who knows me knows brevity is not a strength…to say the least!

So, here we go. I plan on posting several times per week and my primary audiences are Awaken Church, the church community God has privileged me to plant & lead, and church planters/church leaders. For my Awaken family, this will be a place where I will expound some on Sunday sermons, answer your questions, share stories, cast vision, write about theology, etc. For church planters/leaders, I hope you can learn from our journey…the good and the bad of it all. We love helping churches!

Since we launched in September, we’ve experienced quite a bit. Lots of mountaintops and a couple of dark valleys. Yet, through it all, God has been exceedingly gracious and has taught us much about what it means to be a mature, healthy, gospel-centered, mission-driven church.  I have grown more as a leader and as a pastor in the last 5 months than any other time in my life.

I look forward to unpacking our story a little over the next few days. I hope it will be of encouragement to you wherever you are. God is faithful. He is able. He is good. And He works all things for His glory…ALL things.


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