The Morning After

A few thoughts/reflections from our Sunday worship gathering at Awaken…

  • Started a new series called “Covenant Community.” Our hope is to show biblically why church membership is meaningful and why it is essential in following Jesus and fulfilling the Great Commission locally and globally.
  • Yesterday’s sermon dealt with our tendency to “date” the church. We want to keep our options open, so we never really lock in to a church community. The problem is, everyone gets cheated. You get cheated because you will not reach your full potential as a disciple on your own. A church community gets cheated because it misses out on the contribution of your God-given gifts to serve and build up the body. And, the world gets cheated because you cannot accomplish the Great Commission on your own. God’s chosen vehicle is the church.
  • If you belong to Jesus, you belong to His people. (1 Peter 2:9-10)
  • Over the next 3 weeks, we’ll study what church members do and how the church functions corporately. We’ll also study the leadership roles within the church and how God gifts the local church with leaders. And,we’ll deal with unity and how we protect the unity of the church through discipline.
  • Easter Sunday will be a huge day for Awaken! Baptism, the first opportunity for people to become covenant members of Awaken Church, Communion, and of course…celebrating our Risen Savior, King Jesus! Can’t wait!
  • We missed our Spring Breakin’ college students yesterday – we prayed for you all during the gathering.
  • Every week, we have at least 3 new visiting families who came because they saw our banners in front of the school. Best $400 we’ve ever spent!
  • Had a packed house in AwakenKids yesterday. Thankful for our leaders who invest in children to lay a gospel foundation. Trust me, God is using you – I have two little examples of it living in my house!
  • New leaders stepped up all over the place yesterday. It’s exciting to see people take ownership and use their gifts!
  • This is a critical season for Awaken as we take major steps to mature as a church. Pray for God to move clearly and powerfully among us – He already is and we want MORE of Him!

Awaken Church…I love you!


One Comment on “The Morning After”

  1. Timothy Hamrick says:

    Aww. The college students missed you too! Thanks for your prayers 🙂 Can’t wait to be back

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