This Sunday :: Covenant Community Part 2

Many people, Christians included, wonder why the church even exists. Many ask, “Why should I be a part of a church?” Many ask, “What’s the point?”

As followers of Christ, we are recipients of a new covenant. Jesus has bought us with His blood and sealed our salvation for all of eternity. As a result of each of us being in Christ, we are also members of a new community.

In a very real sense, we belong to each other. The covenant that unites us to God also unites us to one another. This separates the church – the body of Christ – from any other institution, organization, club, or relationship that we might have. We literally have an eternal bond with one another. In God’s covenant with us, He has designed a covenant community that will display His character to a watching world.

Join us on Sunday as we continue our study of what it means to be a healthy church, led by healthy leaders, made up of healthy members, pursuing mission together for the glory of Christ!


See you Sunday at 10:30 am at Polo Road Elementary School (1250 Polo Road, Columbia, 29223)!


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