The Morning After

A few thoughts/reflections from yesterday’s worship gathering at Awaken…

  • Solid Sunday! Always a good thing when our operations team has to set up more rows of chairs after the gathering has started!
  • Several more people expressed interest in baptism and one more committed to be baptized on Easter! No better time to be baptized than on Easter Sunday – can’t wait to celebrate. If you’re interested or have questions, we’d love to talk with you.
  • Continued our series on Covenant Community by talking about church leadership. Always an interesting subject because so many have been burned in the past by corrupt church leaders. My hope was to explain biblically how the relationship works between Elders, Deacons, and the Body. I pray that the Word was rightly communicated and that Jesus was glorified.
  • Thankful that the people of Awaken are so hungry for the Word! Love seeing all the people taking notes, asking questions after the gathering, and sharing how God is at work in their lives through His Word. As I said yesterday, nothing brings me greater joy than when people obey Jesus!
  • Tadd Tatum led worship for us yesterday and did a great job. Thankful for his willingness to drive in from Anderson to lead us. Only problem was he managed to wear a UNC Tarheels shirt under his hoodie and got away with it. Can’t be having that…
  • Our band is awesome! They are deeply committed to Awaken and work so hard each week to lead us well. Love you guys!
  • In our gathering, we prayed for 2 lead pastors & their new churches that launched yesterday: Matt Rogers & Renewal Church in Greenville and Jason Williams & River’s Edge Church in Batesburg-Leesville.
  • Some major “behind the scenes” work happened last week as new people stepped into leadership roles and I delegated more leadership responsibility and authority. Thankful for people’s willingness to serve – there’s no way we could do what we do without each member of the body using his/her gifts to serve.

I am very excited about what God is doing in Awaken right now! We are maturing as a church, lives are continually being changed, new leaders are being developed, and we are seeing more new people each week than ever before. Would you join me in praying that we will steward this season well?

AC’ers, it’s a joy being your pastor! These days are sweet, but the best is still yet to come!


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