The Morning After

A few thoughts/reflections from yesterday’s worship gathering…

  • Wrapped up the Covenant Community series by talking about how to deal with sin within the church. Church is meant to be a redemptive community because we worship, follow, and represent the Redeeming King, Jesus. But, if we do not walk in the light by dealing with sin, then we lose this opportunity to the detriment of the church as a whole and the individual believer.
  • Had some great conversations afterwards and saw some people confessing sin to one another after the gathering. Heard stories of others doing the same later in the day. Just like having surgery to repair something broken in your body, walking in the light hurts a little at first, but is well worth it in the end.
  • Had another person commit to baptism yesterday after the gathering! Can’t wait to celebrate baptism on Easter Sunday! If you’d like to get baptized, there is still time to take the plunge .
  • We sang Jesus Paid It All, Before the Throne, and God is Alive (Fee) after the sermon. Umm, one word…POWERFUL! Chad, Gil, Dom, and Ryan led us well…and people sang their hearts out to the King!
  • Gave out the first draft of our Membership Covenant yesterday. We’ll give people the chance to officially sign the covenant in a few weeks. Membership is a big deal, so I wanted everyone to have a couple of weeks to read over, pray through, and ask questions about it.
  • Also, registration opened for Communities, which are our version of small groups. From what I saw, we had a great response! Very excited about people experiencing that level of biblical community. Communities will start meeting the second week of April.
  • Over the last few weeks, I have observed some areas where we need to grow and mature as a church. Thankfully, we have leaders in place that can help us take some of those steps. And, some of them are steps I need to take to better lead, cast vision, and communicate. I say it all the time…we’re growing up!
  • AC’ers, I cannot stress this enough…INVITE people to our Easter worship gathering! I promise, they will not punch you in the face…and who knows, they may say yes and hear the gospel of Jesus next Sunday!

I am expecting this to be a powerful week as we move towards the Cross and the Empty Tomb. Easter at Awaken will be quite the celebration!


One Comment on “The Morning After”

  1. I really liked reading this post. It sounds like things are very exciting around Awaken. Thank you for all you do for the Lord and His community and the community of Columbia.

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