The Morning After

Incredible Easter at Awaken yesterday! Here are a few thoughts/reflections…

  • The energy was off the charts from start to finish! Chad Kellough and band did an incredible job leading us in singing…and sing we did! The place was loud yesterday with Salvation is Here, Lead Me to the Cross, Before the Throne, God is Alive and All Because of Jesus. Can you say, “BOOM!”
  • Started with communion as we celebrated the Cross and then moved to the Resurrection. Without the resurrection, Jesus is just another dead revolutionary. Actually, He’d be a dead liar and nutcase because He said He was God and He would rise from the dead. But, when you combine what He did on the Cross with the truth of His resurrection…we have hope!
  • When you and I come face to face with the resurrected Jesus, everything changes! I preached from 1 Corinthians 15:1-11.
  • Had the privilege of baptizing 4 adults after our worship gathering! The crowd gathered around the baptistry was rowdy yesterday…just the way it ought to be!
  • Had multiple people indicate they accepted Jesus as Savior yesterday! That NEVER gets old!
  • Wasn’t sure what to expect since it’s the first week of Spring Break, but we had a record attendance and lots of first time guests! Way to go AC’ers for inviting your friends to join us. Now, keep inviting them!
  • We start a new series this Sunday on 1 Thessalonians. The Church at Thessalonica was filled with so much power and boldness as a result of the gospel that they turned the world upside down. Praying that to be true of Awaken Church.

AC’ers…we’ve been through a lot together over our 1st 6 months. I hope yesterday gave you as much energy and encouragement as it did me. Jesus is powerfully at work in us and He wants to use us to turn our city upside down!

He’s Alive…now, let’s get to work!


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