The Morning After

Yesterday was a powerful day at Awaken Church! Much to celebrate – here are some highlights:

  • Preached on 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11 – our hope in death and in the end is Jesus! 5 people indicated they trusted the Risen & Returning King Jesus as Savior!
  • The last 3 Sundays, we’ve covered suffering, sexual purity, and yesterday, death & the return of Jesus. 1 Thessalonians ain’t no joke! More reason why I love teaching through books of the Bible verse by verse.
  • Really proud of Jonathan Gilpatrick for his leadership this weekend. He was scheduled to lead worship, but got really sick Friday and Saturday. By the time he called me Saturday night, he already had everything worked out for Sunday morning. That was huge.
  • Thankful for Tadd Tatum’s willingness to jump in to lead last minute. Tadd always does a great job leading us in worship. Also, 3 new musicians played yesterday for the first time – great job Andrew, Nathalie, and Felipe! And, as always, Ryan and Dom were their consistently incredible selves!
  • Singing Jesus Paid It All after the sermon was just about perfect. No need to worry about death or worry about the return of Jesus – He paid it all and we are His!
  • Had to bring out extra chairs in the worship gathering! That’s always a good thing.
  • AwakenKids Elementary was slammed again yesterday. Our leaders do an incredible job – we hear from parents every week how thankful they are for AK and how much their kids love it. Looking to take some big steps forward with AwakenKids this summer.
  • Movies in the Park is going to be huge! What a great door God has opened for us to connect with our city in a big way. Thankful for so many who have stepped up to volunteer. If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting on?!
  • Every family that has a student in public school in our part of Columbia will receive at least one invite card to Movies in the Park – that’s over 25,000 students and who knows how many families!
  • Sam Frye and Misti Bailey have done an incredible job quarterbacking Movies in the Park. They’ve gone over and above the call of duty and it shows! The volunteer hub in the lobby yesterday was impressive. Very well organized!

The favor and momentum God is giving Awaken Church is tangible right now! So much buzz and excitement over what God is doing and what we believe He is going to do. Thanks so much for all of you “out there” who regularly pray for us – keep it up! And to everyone at Awaken…the best is yet to come! Let’s keep pressing in to what God is doing.


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