The Morning After :: Memorial Day Edition

(picture taken from the back row of the center section by Gary Ashe)

It’s been almost 24 hours and I am still amazed at the evidence of God’s work we saw yesterday at Awaken Church!

Memorial Day is sort of the official launch of summer in South Carolina, so a lot of people spend the weekend at the beach and lake. Apparently, Awaken Church didn’t get the memo! Here are some highlights & announcements we made yesterday:

  • We had standing room only in the worship gathering as we used every adult-sized chair we could find at Polo Road Elementary! I was so proud to see many AC’ers standing in the back to give up their seat for a guest.
  • All total, it was our highest attendance to date! Who knew that Memorial Day weekend attendance would surpass Easter?! Ephesians 3:20-21 comes to mind on that one!
  • We had kids in the worship gathering yesterday to give our AwakenKids team a day off. All in all, it went very well! Our AwakenKids team did a great job putting together an activity book for each kid. Only problem was…we ran out! By far, the most kids we have ever seen at Awaken!
  • Jonathan Gilpatrick, Stephanie Spink, and the Awaken band did an incredible job leading us yesterday!
  • We took time yesterday to celebrate the tangible ways that God has been at work in Awaken over the last 5 months. I loved hearing the crowd respond with claps and cheers at all the announcements! As Psalm 126:2-3 says: “Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy…The Lord has done great things for us; we are glad.” Yes, we are!
  • Here are a few of the stats I shared: Since January, average weekly attendance has increased by 50%, weekly giving by 300%, and monthly giving by 400%!
  • Additionally we have baptized 18 people and seen over 30 trust Jesus as Savior in an Awaken worship gathering!
  • We launched Communities with 78 adults involved in 6 groups; we welcomed our first Covenant Members when 42 adults signed covenants in April; the favor God has given us in our city is at a fever pitch thanks to Movies in the Park and the way our groups have served in the city.
  • Glory to God for how is at work in and for how He is using Awaken Church!
  • We had a potluck BBQ lunch after the gathering and most everyone stayed for it. Loved watching our members and regulars meet and serve our guests so well. Games of kickball, whiffle ball, soccer, and frisbee broke out. Love it!
  • I also announced our leadership teams and some staff additions:
    • Ministry Team (volunteer team leaders): Lara Beth Hardwick (AwakenKids Elementary), Alecia Howe (Guest Services), Gary Ashe (Media), David Spink (Operations)
    • Summer Interns: Brittany Roether (AwakenKids), Andrew Knox (worship), Jonathan Gilpatrick (worship)
    • Lead Team: Misti Bailey (Volunteer Coordinator/Project Manager), Brandon Christensen (Director of Family Ministry), Sam Frye (Director of Connections), me (Lead Pastor).
  • I will be mentoring Sam & Brandon over the next year as “pastors in training” so that they can serve the church as elders at a point in the future.
  • Additionally, Awaken Church has an office now! Can’t wait to start working from there this week.

This just scratches the surface of what God is doing and has done in and through Awaken. Even though yesterday was a celebration day and I didn’t preach a full-on sermon, I talked and prayed with two people afterwards who came to me in tears as they responded to the Holy Spirit calling them to deeper waters. That never gets old!

God has already done immeasurably more than we could ask for, hope for, dream of, or imagine (Ephesians 3:20-21). The best news is that He’s not through! AC’ers, I love you and I cannot wait to see what’s next as we ADVANCE in the calling God has given us! The best is yet to come!


One Comment on “The Morning After :: Memorial Day Edition”

  1. Great stuff! Super happy for you guys! Keep rocking it for HIs Glory!

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