The Morning After

“Summer Slump” is not in the vocabulary for Awaken Church! I love the energy and momentum God is giving us through these first few weeks of summer. We had another great weekend…here are some highlights…

  • 3 people trusted Jesus as Savior yesterday in our worship gathering! Thrilled, humbled, and deeply grateful by how God is using His word in Awaken right now.
  • Part 3 of our FAQ series dealt with the question, “What Happens When I Die?” Tough message, but it was received well. I’m so glad for the hunger our people have for God’s Word.
  • Bottom line: We no longer fear death when we understand what we stand to gain in Christ.
  • One of our worship interns, Andrew Knox, led worship for the first time yesterday and did a great job!
  • We sang “You Alone Can Rescue” and “Before the Throne” back to back before the sermon. Such deep truth in both of those songs. Easily two of my very favorites!
  • Came within an eyelash of having to cancel Movies in the Park on Friday. At 5:00 pm, a major thunderstorm moved through the area with lightning, wind, hail, and monsoon-like rain. At 6:00 pm, the skies had cleared enough to start set-up, but the weather was still iffy. Lo and behold, not another drop of rain fell and 1100 people came out for the movie!
  • 30 families filled out cards requesting more information on Awaken! That’s 80 families in 2 events. Thankful for the opportunities God is giving us through Movies in the Park. No doubt, God has given us favor in the community as a result of the event.
  • Super thankful for the students from First Christian Church in Ramseur, NC. They came to serve with Awaken as their summer mission project. They did a great job at Movies in the Park, at Jubilee Academy, and in their random acts of blessing projects.
  • Looking forward to Sunday already…BAPTISM! If you’re interested in being baptized, email Misti Bailey (

God is on the move at Awaken and in Columbia. I am honored to be a part of it all. AC’ers…the best is STILL yet to come! Love you!


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