The Morning After :: One More

Sunday was a long, but amazing day! Here are some highlights…

  • Wrapped up the Awakening series at Awaken by casting vision for where God has called us to focus in the next season of ministry. To say I am excited and full of faith would be an understatement!
  • God’s message to the Israelites in exile in Jeremiah 29:4-14 was our text as God calls us to live with Audacious Faith, in Contagious Community, displaying Radical Generosity to our city & beyond.
  • Loved seeing new volunteers serving for the first time and many more signing up to join teams after the service. God’s building an army!
  • Once again, a load of first time guests joined us. Each one is opportunity to serve and to display the love of Jesus. Our teams are growing in this area and are all doing a great job loving and serving our guests.
  • Biggest news of all from yesterday…1 more person indicated they made a decision to trust Jesus as Savior! That’s 39 adults who have trusted Jesus as Savior since Awaken launched! YES!
  • Absolutely LOVED our worship set yesterday. Songs filled with hope and faith for our city. We sang: We Unite (Elevation), Kingdom Come (Elevation), Our God (Chris Tomlin), God of this City (Tomlin), Let Your Kingdom Reign (Elevation). Powerful!
  • My mom wat at Awaken yesterday. Always a joy to see my mom in the crowd, Bible open, taking notes, and smiling ear to ear. Love her!
  • The auditorium smelled like a wet sock yesterday because a cleaning crew had just cleaned the carpet at the school. Thankfully our crew knows that “nothing is neutral, everything matters,” so Misti and Brianna broke out the Febreze!
  • Took my staff and a handful of leaders up to Elevation last night. No better way to cast vision for our crew than to let them experience how God is moving in Charlotte through Elevation.
  • I saw my team’s eyes and hearts explode with vision, hope, and faith! Mine did, too.
  • My good friend, Pastor Steven Furtick, called me up on stage at the end of the service. Humbled by the chance to stand by my friend and share a few minutes with his church about what God is doing in Columbia.
  • Thankful for Larry Brey, Wade Joye, John Bishop, and several others for spending time with our team and encouraging us.
  • Had an interaction at Elevation last night that blew me away. But it deserves a blog post of its own.
  • Of course, I couldn’t sleep last night. God stirred my heart so much yesterday reminding me of His faithfulness, His power, and His call on my life.
  • I am absolutely stoked about the upcoming season at Awaken Church. We’re praying and fasting this Thursday. Then, we’re moving forward with greater intensity, boldness, focus, and passion than ever before.

There’s more to share, but that gives you a snapshot. God is moving in a big way. Can’t wait to see what’s next. The best is yet to come!


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