Radical Generosity Displayed

One of the values we want to embody at Awaken Church is Radical Generosity. I hesitate using the word radical, though, because it really should just be Biblical Generosity. But, living biblically is living radically these days…but that’s another blog post altogether.

Sunday night, I took our staff and a handful of leaders from Awaken to worship with and visit our friends at Elevation Church in Charlotte. We had an incredible night and at the end of the service, Pastor Steven Furtick invited me on stage, shared about our friendship and Awaken’s story, and let me share for a couple of minutes with the Elevation crowd. It was a powerful and humbling moment.

But it was only the opening act to what was about to happen.

After the service, our team was heading backstage when several people stopped me to offer encouragement and to even pray over me and for our church, which was awesome. But still, just the opening act.

Just as I was about to walk through the door, someone grabbed my arm. It was a high school student who said, “Pastor, I want you to know I believe in you and I will be praying for you. Here, use this let your team know I am praying with and for you all.”

He then proceeded to empty his pockets and invested $11 and a piece of pocket lint into the ministry of Awaken Church. I was blown away.

Now, to you and me, $11 probably doesn’t seem like much. But what was it to this high school student? And what about him committing to pray for me and our church? And what about him fighting his way through the lines of people to make it to us to offer his encouragement and give what God told him to give.

Radical Generosity is not about the amount of the gift, but about the heart, vision, and obedience that goes with the gift. When God calls, you give. Period. It’s all His anyway. And everything you have is meant for His mission and glory.

You can’t go wrong by being generous. You can’t go wrong by being obedient. You can’t go wrong by investing in God’s rescue mission. Believe it and be generous.


2 Comments on “Radical Generosity Displayed”

  1. Kelli Sheppe says:

    I was there Sunday night. I am so happy you came to visit. Pastor Steven has taught us all to be generous and to be a generation of honor. I love the way my church shares and inspires everyone to be the best they can be. How they support new churches getting started…even those right here in Charlotte! I am a greeter on Saturday nights and I am humbled by how many people travel from all over the United States (and a few from across the pond) to experience an ^Elevation service. I am the luckiest person alive to have this place in my backyard. My first service was in Nov. 2009. My life has been changed forever. And the best is still to come!

    I wish you and your team so much success. I to will be praying for you.

  2. Jay Hardwick says:

    Kelli –

    Thanks so much for your comment! I love your enthusiasm for your church and I am glad you have found a home at Elevation. We love your church, too!

    Thanks for your prayers for Awaken – we covet each one.

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