Top 10 Ways to Invite Your A-List

Last Sunday at Awaken, we handed everyone a card that looked like an iPhone with 5 blanks on it. We encouraged everyone to write in the names of 5 people they would commit to pray for, invest in, serve, and invite to Awaken. We called this our “A-List.”

Everyday this week, I have received emails and texts from AC’ers who are inviting their A-List to church and their friends are saying, “yes!” Love hearing those stories!

As we fast and pray today, I thought I’d give you a few ideas for how you can invite your A-List to join us Sunday for the start of Going All the Way. It’s been reported that over 80% of people who do not go to church are at least somewhat likely to attend if invited by a friend.

Top 10 Ways to Invite Your A-List to Church:

  1. Pray for them everyday. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work powerfully in their lives and melt down whatever resistance might exist.
  2. Take them to lunch, coffee, breakfast, or have them over for dinner. As part of your conversation, hand them an invite and encourage them to come with you.
  3. Offer to meet for breakfast on Sunday morning and then ride together or caravan to church.
  4. Offer to meet them at the door or in the parking lot so you can help them know where to go, get their kids checked-in, and, if you’re not volunteering, sit with them in the service.
  5. Offer to give them a ride on Sunday morning. This could be especially helpful if you are a college student or young professional.
  6. Send them a link to our website and highlight a few areas that might specifically interest them. For instance, if they have kids, make sure they see the AwakenKids page on our site.
  7. Download a recent sermon, burn it to a CD, and hand it along with an invite card to your friend. Explain that you wanted to give them a taste of what to expect.
  8. Let your friend listen to a few songs we sing on Sundays. This is will help them get a feel for the style of our service. Songs like “Glory to God” (Steve Fee), “Our God” (Chris Tomlin), the new “Kingdom Come” (Elevation Worship), and “Mighty to Save” (Hillsong) would work well.
  9. Offer to take them to lunch or have them over to your house for lunch after the service on Sunday.
  10. If your friend is having a hard time in their marriage, then use this series as a line of hope. Urge them to come for the sake of their marriage.

These are just a handful of ideas – you can undoubtedly come up with your own and come up with some that are event better than these.

The point: make sure you pray for and invite your friends. You’ve got 72 hours left!

What’s the worse thing that can happen? They say “no” or just throw the invite card in the trash. What’s the best thing that can happen? They say “yes”, hear the gospel, God does a work in their marriage, they trust Jesus as Savior, and follow Him all the days of their lives!

The “yes” is big time worth the invite!


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