Almost 3 years ago, Lara Beth and I moved here with nothing but a call from God and a fuzzy picture of what we hoped God would do in Columbia, SC. Our only desire was to plant a church that God would use to transform lives, our city, and the nations.

Without jumping ahead of the game, it is truly humbling to see that dream becoming a reality as Awaken Church gains more and more traction in our community. One word describes my feelings: grateful.

I’m grateful to have the privilege of planting and leading a church where, as of yesterday, 53 people have trusted Jesus as Savior in just under 1 year.

I’m grateful that Awaken has grown in attendance by 50% since June. Many of those who are new to our church have quickly begun serving on our volunteer teams.

I’m grateful to see so many gifted people serve faithfully week after week knowing that they are a link in the chain of life change.

I’m grateful to see a church that has come alive with a sense anticipation and expectation for the grace and power of God to transform lives every time we gather.

I’m grateful to see so many first time guests each week. It seems that God has truly made Awaken a hospital for sinners.

I’m grateful that so many who call Awaken home are living as missionaries in their neighborhoods, workplaces, dorms, and classes.

I’m grateful to pastor a church that is so hungry for the Word.

I’m grateful to be surrounded by a team of leaders who love Jesus, love our church, and love me. They push me to lead out of my calling and gifting.

I’m grateful. AC’ers…I hope you are, too. God is doing a tremendous work and no question, He has given us a wave of momentum.

Let’s ride it with an audacious faith that knows God is nowhere near finished with what He wants to do in and through Awaken Church. Keep praying and keep inviting your friends!

Let’s ride it as a contagious community that reflects the gospel by the way we love, serve, and honor one another.

Let’s ride it with radical generosity by investing more of the time, gifts, and finances God has given us to use for His glory & mission. If you are not giving or serving yet, now is the time!

Let’s be sure to do it all with a sense of deep gratitude. Our God is good and He’s on a mission and we get to be a part of it. May we never get used to seeing God move powerfully among us, but instead, may we anticipate and expect His power all the more.

It’s happening, AC’ers…let’s be grateful and keep pressing on!


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