Passion is Not Enough

I’m really proud of my good friend Greg Darley as his first book, Passion is Not Enough, has officially released. Greg is deeply committed to using the gifts and opportunities God has given him to live out the gospel in a way that honors Jesus and changes the world.

I asked Greg to write a “guest post” to share here on my blog so you can hear his heart and hopefully, take advantage of a special discount to buy the book.

While we’ve most likely never met, I already know you.

You are either a person that is chasing a dream or you’re suppressing one.

The dream could be anything. It could be a book you want to write or a trip you want to take. It could be a business you want to start or maybe even a non-profit. Maybe the dream is to finish that painting or go full time with that part-time hobby.

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes and either you are chasing it or suppressing it. There is no other option.

Suppressing dreams feels safe. After all, no one can laugh at your book or painting if you never finish it right?  There’s no financial risk if you don’t start that company right? You’ll be safer without rejection if you just keep it inside. You’ll never fail. No pain. No regret. Suppressing is safe. Right?

Chasing the dream is dangerous.  When you finish the book, people might not like it.  When you show off the painting, people may not understand it.  If you start the business, it may make things tight for a while. If only you would have suppressed it, you’d be safer right?

I think we’ve mixed these two up. In reality, chasing the dream is safe and suppressing the dream is dangerous. There is a reason that you have the dream in the first place. As a quick aside, I’m assuming this is a God-honoring dream that you’ve prayed about and know if you pulled it off would be a good thing.

The problem is we rely way to much on our emotion to guide us. When the opportunity comes to either chase or suppress, most of the time we suppress. But, this is dangerous because you have no idea of what hangs in the balance of your decision to chase that dream.

When Peter was called to follow Jesus, he had a choice—chase or suppress.  It didn’t make sense. He didn’t have all the answers. Jesus told him to drop his nets in deep water during the day, with everyone watching. That was not how you fished and Peter knew it. He probably thought, what if they laugh at me? What if I don’t catch anything? He was staring at empty nets and Jesus knew that soon the nets would be breaking with so many fish. Peter had no idea of what hung in the balance of his decision to trust Jesus and go for it. If Peter would have said no, the future of the Christian Church may look completely different. He had no idea of what hung in the balance of his decision to go for it.

And neither will you.

Today is the day to begin the chase. Stop suppressing. Start chasing.

If you’re ready to stop suppressing and start chasing, then you should read Greg’s book. Greg has graciously offered a 20% discount to all of my readers. Simply enter the code “Columbia20” when you checkout and the discount will be applied.


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