Friday Five

Wrapping up what was a busy, but very productive and forward-reaching week for me and Awaken Church. I’m excited about what is ahead for our church! Here are a few personal and Awaken Church updates:

  1. We have two weeks left in the RESTORE series. I am very excited about these next two Sundays as we cast some specific vision for next steps at Awaken. To say these are can’t miss Sundays would be an understatement!
  2. On that note, we had to make a slight change in plans for Feb 27. We had to cancel the Night of Worship we planned to have that evening. Never fear, we’ll do it as our morning worship service that day as we cry out to God on behalf of our city and beg God to use us to make His name great in Columbia and beyond.
  3. Pastor Steve Burnette, our Community & Admin Pastor, led our first Community Group leader training this week and groups will launch in mid-March! I absolutely cannot wait and I thank God for Pastor Steve’s leadership.
  4. I have the honor of preaching at the South Carolina Baptist Convention Evangelism Conference next week in Anderson, SC. Please pray that God will use me to encourage pastors and leaders from across our state to push back the darkness and work for the glory of God in their cities.
  5. Our family is finally well! After battling a flu-like bug for over a week, everyone is pretty much back to normal. Somehow, I didn’t get it. But, my appreciation for my wife went to whole new level as I attempted to care for her and our girls while they were sick. Moms are amazing!

Have a great weekend and Awaken Church…I’ll see you Sunday!


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