A Culmination and A New Beginning

Last Sunday at Awaken was electric! I loved every minute of our worship service as we wrapped up the RESTORE series through Nehemiah and launched into a new season of life and ministry as a church.

In response to how God worked among us through the RESTORE series, we have embraced a new mission statement as the rallying cry for why we do what we do. It is the ultimate answer to why we exist and what we hope to accomplish. Everything we do…everything…will be aimed at fulfilling this mission.

Our mission is “making God’s name great through lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Making God’s name great :: there is no other name worthy of being made great. In 1000 years, no one will remember Awaken Church, Jay Hardwick, or anyone else…but God and His glory will reign forever. Therefore, we will live our lives to make His name great, pray for His name to be made great in our city, and use what He has given us to make His name great in lives, communities, and sectors where it is not.

Through lives changed :: we believe there is healing, redemption, and new life in the name of Jesus. The path to change in a city begins with change in a life and a family. We want to see Jesus move people from death to life, from broken to whole, from slave to free, from immature to mature, from consumer to missionary.

By the gospel of Jesus Christ :: the only means of real change and the only lasting change in a person’s life comes by the gospel of Jesus Christ. While God uses events and circumstances to align us with His purposes, it is ultimately the gospel – that Jesus has died for our sins and by His resurrection, given us redemption, forgiveness, and victory – that changes lives. We will ferociously seek to know, live, and share the gospel.

In short, we desire to be a force for God’s glory in the city of Columbia and around the world! He’s called us to be a city within a city whose sole desire is making His Name great through lives changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

God has done a great work in us over the last 40 days of this series and season of prayer and fasting. Now we are ready to act on what He has put in front of us knowing that He is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we could ever ask for, dream of, or imagine…ALL for His glory (Eph 3:20-21).

I don’t know what’s going to happen next, but I do know that the best is yet to come!


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