The Heart of Jesus

Last Sunday, Pastor Steve Burnette, our Community & Admin Pastor at Awaken, challenged us to not just have Jesus in our hearts, but to have the heart of Jesus. This week, we have the perfect chance to live out and apply what we heard on Sunday.

We’re starting a new series this coming Sunday called Christ Alone. We are praying that lots of people will trust Jesus as Savior as they hear what Jesus has accomplished on their behalf by dying on the Cross.

In order for people to hear the Word and trust Jesus, they have to be in the auditorium. And in order for people to be in the auditorium, you and I need to do some inviting. Here’s how we can have the heart of Jesus for those around us who do not know Jesus:

In Matthew 9:36, Jesus saw the crowds and had compassion for them. Who has God given you a special burden or compassion for in your relational network?

In Luke 10:2, Jesus called the disciples to pray for laborers for the harvest. Begin praying for that person’s salvation by name and commit yourself to Jesus as a worker. You can even ask God to send and use others in addition to you to draw them to salvation.

In Luke 10:3-9, Jesus gave the disciples specific instructions for how to engage in the harvest. Ask God to show you how to engage your friend(s) with the gospel. Maybe there is a book or sermon recording you could share with them. Maybe there is an opportunity for you to serve them in a special way. Maybe you have a common interest in a sport or activity. Maybe you could simply go to lunch and talk. Use a Christ Alone invite card to invite them to join you at Awaken.

In Luke 10:10-11, Jesus told the disciples to expect to be rejected. Don’t get frustrated if your first attempts to invest don’t get anywhere. Salvation is ultimately a heart issue and only God can change a heart. Keep praying and investing and trust God to continue to work in their lives.

In Luke 10:1, Jesus called the disciples to go to every town and place “where he himself was about to go.” Get this…I love this…Jesus is already at work in your friend/co-worker/neighbor/family member! He’s given you a burden for them because He is already there and at work and now He is inviting you to join Him!

Ask God to give you a broken heart for someone…Pray for their salvation…Do what God calls you to do to invest in them, serve them, share the gospel with them, and invite them to church…Don’t get discouraged…Trust God to change their hearts…Know that while you are going, He is already there and already at work.

That’s living with the heart of Jesus for those who are far from Him. AC’ers, let’s live this out and ask God to change lives over the next few weeks. I pray that He will find us willing, faithful, obedient, and courageous workers for the harvest.


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