SummerSalt Student Camp

This summer, I had the honor of preaching for 2 weeks of camp at SummerSalt Student Camp. SummerSalt is organized and led by the Student Ministry Department of the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

As a high school student, I attended SummerSalt 3 times with my church student ministry. While I certainly knew the camp had changed over the years, I big-time underestimated how much it had improved.

In a word, my experience at SummerSalt was nothing short of incredible!

This summer, a record number of students attended (2400 over 4 weeks of camp) and a record number of students made recorded decisions to trust Jesus as Savior or to take steps in their relationship with Him (haven’t heard the official final number, but it is several hundred for sure). In the two weeks I was there, 24 and 39 churches/student ministries were there with groups of students.

As I experienced the camp and now reflect on it, I have to say that SummerSalt is easily one of, if not the very best student camp I have ever been a part of. Here are some of the dynamics that make SummerSalt work:

  1. Leadership :: From the year round staff of Steve Rohrlack, Cory Singleton, and Karen Prevatte to the summer staff mostly made up of college students and recent college graduates, you won’t find a better, more organized, more committed, more unified, and more mature leadership team than what you find at SummerSalt.
  2. Total Camp Experience :: In a week at SummerSalt, students experience the best of everything. Small groups, week-long team competitions, high-quality and creative worship experiences, outdoor recreation like high ropes course, basketball, pool, lake, etc. Really, SummerSalt has it all.
  3. Purpose & Excellence:: Everything, and I mean everything, at SummerSalt happens on purpose and is done with excellence. Every aspect of the week fits into the theme and builds on it. Students are truly immersed in the theme from the second they arrive on campus until they load up to leave. And all of it is carried out with a high level of excellence.
  4. Word-driven :: SummerSalt is committed to the centrality and authority of God’s Word. Students creatively studied and applied the gospel in their small groups each morning and heard the gospel preached and responded in our evening worship experiences. No doubt, we saw so many students make decisions to follow Jesus because the the gospel was presented so thoroughly, accurately, and with great creativity throughout the week.
  5. Fun :: From the staff to the students to the adult leaders, everyone at SummerSalt has a blast! My family was with me the bulk of the second week I preached and we had a ball participating in the camp experiences. No one leaves SummerSalt and says it was boring!

I was super-impressed with SummerSalt and have already committed to serve as Camp Pastor next summer! If you are a Student Pastor, I would highly, highly encourage you to consider SummerSalt for your student camp next summer.

To the SummerSalt staff, students, Student Pastors, and adult leaders…it was an honor to serve with you this summer. Let’s do it again next year!


4 Comments on “SummerSalt Student Camp”

  1. Ellen Hutto says:

    Ditto, Ditto, Ditto! I agree with everything you have said! SummerSalt has made a difference in the lives of my own two children by strengthening their walk with Christ as well as in the lives of our church youth group. Thanks so much to all of you!!! May God Bless you all!

  2. Lance Wright says:

    Blessing God for what took place there. Can’t wait to be a part of the experience next year! Take Care Jay.

  3. Alicia Hensley says:

    You really spoke to me this week it was a real eye opening expierience

  4. C.B. says:

    Being a student that went to Summersalt last summer, I have to say it was incredibly life changing. it was an awesome week, and I can’t wait to go back this week.

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