Prayers for the Week of August 29

Every week, numerous people from Awaken and friends from all over ask how they can pray for me. I’m honored by each request and by each person who commits to pray for me and our church. I need every one of those prayers!

For the next few weeks, I’m going share with you a loose version of my schedule as a means of asking you to pray for me as I go through my week. I got this idea from Matt Chandler, a pastor that I love and respect. I hope it will help you pray specifically and have a little window into what’s going on each week.

Monday :: Study Day. After I take our girls to school, I’ll knock out a few tasks and then dive into some focused study time. Specifically, I am working on our Sun Stand Still series and beginning work on our Christmas series. Pray that the Holy Spirit will bring clarity to the texts He’s called me to preach and that He will give just the right words, insights, illustrations, and action steps for each sermon.

Tuesday :: Staff Meeting Day. After I get the girls to school, I’ll meet up with Steve Burnette and James Bare for our weekly Pastors Meeting. Then, I have a meeting with an Awaken partner about a ministry opportunity for our church and then will have lunch with one of my mentors. In the afternoon, I’ll have one-on-one meetings with a couple of staff members and then our full staff meeting is at 4:45. Tuesdays are long days – pray for stamina and focus. Also, pray for the Holy Spirit to direct our meetings and for us to follow Him courageously.

Wednesday :: I’ll spend the morning studying, specifically going over and finalizing my sermon for Sunday’s Baptism & BBQ service as well as pretty much finalizing my sermon for the launch of Sun Stand Still next Sunday. Again, pray for the Holy Spirit to give clarity to the texts and to give me just the right words. I’ll have lunch with a pastor friend and spend the afternoon in various conversations/meetings with AC’ers and other pastors/friends.

Thursday :: This will be a huge day for Awaken Church! All day, I will be in a meeting for what could wind up being Awaken’s first hands-on international missions partnership. Later in the evening, we will have another very important meeting about opportunities for Awaken in Columbia. Pray for us to be keenly aware of God’s presence and His desire for our church!

Friday :: Sabbath Day. Friday’s are the days that I re-charge. Pray that I will be able to unplug and let my soul rest in the goodness and grace of God. That is very hard for me…yet I desperately need it if I am going to lead my family and lead our church well.

Saturday :: Family Day. Pray for sweet time with Lara Beth and the girls.

Sunday :: Sunday’s start at 5:00am for me as I prepare my heart and mind to preach. Pray for God to speak clearly during the worship service and for many to make decisions to follow Him through baptism. After our BBQ lunch at Polo Road, I’ll spend the afternoon at home recovering and then spend some time Sunday night getting ready for the week ahead.

Thank you so much for your prayers! I thank God for you and your partnership in the Gospel.


One Comment on “Prayers for the Week of August 29”

  1. Judy Sanders says:

    Thanks, Jay. As I saw on another post this a.m. we will “pray according to His power, now ours.”

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