Hello, North Rock Hill!

As Lara Beth and I wrestled through God’s call away from Columbia and to Rock Hill, one of my mentors said, “When you surrender to God’s call, there are lots of ‘goodbyes.’ But behind the goodbyes, there are a lot of new ‘hellos.'” That statement served as a great encouragement to us.

This week, we get to officially say, “Hello, North Rock Hill!” We’re excited to get started with this new season and new adventure with our new faith family.

As we get started, I want to ask you to pray with us and for us in these five areas:

1. Pray for our house in Columbia to sell. We’ve had several showings and all have been very positive, but no offers have been made. Pray that it will sell and sell soon!

2. Pray for us to find the right house in Rock Hill. We will likely rent at first so that we can go ahead and move to Rock Hill without having to wait on our Columbia house to sell. If you know of good houses for rent, let us know. Pray for wisdom as we search and decide.

3. Pray for our girls as they prepare to leave their friends, school, and activities in Columbia to embrace new friends, a new school, a new neighborhood, etc. in Rock Hill. Pray they will transition well and feel at home in Rock Hill. In fact, you can pray the same for Lara Beth and me. 🙂

4. Pray for me as I begin leading/working with the staff and Advisory Team. I’ll have my first meetings with Executive Staff, Ministry Staff, and Advisory Team today. Pray for fast friendships and team unity. I am very impressed with the capacity of the NRHC staff and leaders and can’t wait to do life and ministry with them.

5. Pray for me as I begin preaching this Sunday. It’s been 4 weeks since I last preached and I am chomping at the bit to get going again! I’m excited about our first 2 sermon series – pray that God will use them to set the course and pace for what He wants to do NEXT in and through NRHC. The potential in this church is off the charts – I can’t wait to see what God does!

North Rock Hill, we’re thrilled to be with you and excited about what God has ahead of us. Let’s get after it!


2 Comments on “Hello, North Rock Hill!”

  1. Kela says:

    Our family is super excited to have you and your beautiful family at NRHC! Thank you for giving us specific opportunity to pray for you all!!

  2. Lauren Caudle says:

    Welcome to NRHC! We are blessed to have you guys with us. We will be praying for you guys in this transition period. So excited!

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