New Series: The Gospel

The Gospel. Is it religious advice to follow? A prayer to pray? The diving board we launch from or the ocean we swim in?

This foundational series will explore the depths of the Gospel, and find it to be more than just the beginning. It is the power that makes Christianity revolutionary every day.

I am really excited about this series and can’t wait to see what God will do! I am praying for many to trust Jesus as Savior, for many to be freed from the superficiality of religion, and for all of us to be compelled to take this gospel to the nations.

Invite friends and make plans to join us Sunday as we launch “The Gospel.”


One Comment on “New Series: The Gospel”

  1. Ric Porter says:

    Jay the message Sunday was was awesome. It was inspiring and resonated well with me and I am sure with others. I found myself praying that one or more people who had not accepted the grace that our Lord offers would truly feel God’s presence and his perfect love for them. I am sure we have some new brothers and sisters in Christ. Keep up the good work and lead us in pursuit of The Fathers work.


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