How to Invite People to Easter at North Rock Hill

If studies are correct, then over 80% of your friends who are not Christians or do not attend church are at least open to and likely to respond favorably to your invitation to church for Easter. In anticipation of what God is going to do and to create more room to invite more people, North Rock Hill will have five identical Easter services – 4:30pm and 6:00pm on Saturday and 8:30am, 10:00am, and 11:30am on Sunday.

A lot of you grabbed extra tickets with the intention of inviting friends and family. By the time you got home or printed the tickets, the fear had already begun to set-in. What if they say no, what if they punch me in the face, what if they cuss me out, what if inviting them hurts our friendship…all these thoughts may have run through your head.

Let me encourage you to push out of your comfort zones and fight through the doubts to invite your friends this weekend. Your invitation just might pave the way for God to change their lives.

If you had tickets for choice seats to see your favorite sports team play, you would have no problem inviting people to join you. This is really no different…but it is because what Jesus has done for us is WAY more important than anything teenagers or grown men/women have ever done with a ball or a puck!

Here are some practical ways you can invite friends to Easter at North Rock Hill:

  1. Pray for people by name  each day. Trust that God is already at work in their lives. Ask Him to soften their heart.
  2. Share a meal or a cup of coffee with your friend and give the ticket during or afterwards. Or, you could invite their family over for a meal in your home and invite them. Serve them well.
  3. Offer to pick them up to ride together to church or offer to meet them in the parking lot so you can walk in and sit together.
  4. Talk about Easter at North Rock Hill on Facebook and Twitter. Aim for at least one status update per day that would include an invite and a link to the Easter at North Rock Hill page on our website.
  5. Walk through your neighborhood and invite people who are out working in the yard, playing outside, out for a walk, etc.
  6. Put some tickets on your desk, your coffee table, your car console, etc. where people will see them and ask you about them.
  7. Keep tickets with you all the time and be ready to step up when the opportunity pops up!

The point is this – God can use your invitation to radically transform a life. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to invite your friends to hear and respond to the gospel on Easter weekend. 100% of the people you don’t invite will not attend. But, my guess is a high percentage of those you do invite WILL attend.

I’m praying for you as you invite your friends and people you cross paths with this week. And, I am praying that the people we invite will hear and respond to the gospel this weekend!


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