Why I’m Excited About Awaken: Strong Leaders

Last night, I had the privilege of meeting with a group of men who are living, breathing answers to prayer. And I couldn’t be more proud of or thankful for them.

While this is my last week serving as Lead Pastor of Awaken Church before I transition to serve as Lead Pastor of North Rock Hill Church, I am excited and confident about her future. Earlier this week, I shared 2 reasons why I feel this way (you can read those posts here and here).

When Awaken launched a little over 2 years ago, God gave us the opportunity to reach many people who were far from Him, many who had been away from church for a long time, and many who had never really been a part of a church. While we were very thankful for what God was doing, it wasn’t long before a major deficiency in our new church was exposed.

We desperately needed leaders. And lots of them! There was just so much to do between running the day to day and week to week operations of the church, handling finances, discipling new believers, following up with guests, training teams and leaders, counseling, etc etc.

For a while, it was euphoric because the dream we had for so long and the prayer we prayed for so long was being answered – God was using our church. But after a few months of the euphoric activity, I added a new prayer…”God raise up leaders! Or send us leaders! Or do both!”

God in His grace did both. Over the last year, God has raised up leaders in our church as those who were once brand new to Christianity, brand new to church, or had been away for a while grew and matured in Christ. And, God has sent us leaders as couples and families have moved to Columbia from other places and have looked for a faith family to be on mission with.

God has multiplied our leadership and that is one of the biggest reasons why I have confidence about Awaken’s future. As I met with our Advisory Team for the final time last night, I looked at men who are the fulfillment of 1 Timothy 3:1-7.

They are men who are above reproach. They are pastoring themselves well. They are pastoring their families well. They are pastoring outsiders well. And, they have already been helping to pastor our church well. As I gave them a charge and prayed over them, I did so in awe of how God had moved to answer our prayer for more leaders.

And the best part is they’re not all the leaders we have. The men I met with last night made a list of others in our church that they feel are ready to take the next step in leadership. Not only did they make a list, but the guys developed a plan to begin meeting with and pouring into the next group of leaders for Awaken. Yes!

I drove home last night an encouraged, thankful, and proud Pastor. Awaken, God has answered our prayer! He has raised up leaders and He has sent us leaders. And they have developed a pipeline to raise up even more leaders!

Get behind these guys…trust them, follow them, and encourage them…they will lead you well!

Why I’m Excited About Awaken :: It’s God’s Church

As you may already know, I announced my resignation from Awaken Church on November 13 to accept the call to serve as Lead Pastor of North Rock Hill Church in Rock Hill, SC. You can read my post about that decision here.

It’s a surreal season as we close out our time in Columbia and our time at Awaken. It’s bittersweet…like sending your kid off to college. You’re excited to see what’s going to happen next, but sad you won’t have a front row seat for it.

I believe in Awaken Church and love her dearly. I believe strongly that God has greater things ahead for her. So, I want to use this week, my last as Lead Pastor at Awaken, to share a few of the reasons I am excited about what is ahead for Awaken.

Literary great Charles Dickens penned the words, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” to serve as the opening words of his classic, A Tale of Two Cities. Dickens must have known something about church planting because that’s it in a nutshell – the best and the worst. Sometimes at different times. Sometimes at the same time.

I can honestly say we have never felt the intensity of spiritual warfare, the physical exhaustion, the emotional anguish, or the spiritual depletion we have experienced at times over the last four years. You hear the wisdom of those who have gone before you, but there’s always that, “It won’t be like that for us,” mentality that I guess goes with being crazy enough to plant a church. But then it all does happen. And it happens often. And it hurts…a lot.

But then, I can honestly say we have never felt the joy of serving, the elation over lives changed and prayers answered, the love of God’s people, and the power of the gospel like we have in the last four years. We have seen God do the miraculous in saving souls, restoring families, providing for needs, making disciples, and sending missionaries. We’ve had a front row seat for a miraculous move of God. And, we’ve seen God do amazing things in our own lives to encourage, provide, teach, and strengthen us.

So, how do you press through the roller coaster of hardship and joy? The answer is the same as the answer to the question of how Awaken will continue on. Awaken Church was God’s idea. He is obsessed over that which is lost in Columbia, SC. He is on a mission to seek and save that which is lost.

This is God’s church. And that is the number one reason why I am excited and confident about Awaken’s future. He is the One who sovereignly worked to call us, to sustain us, to provide for us, and to use us. He is also the One who has called us elsewhere. Which means He has another leader for Awaken to take her forward into the future.

We are His vessels and we are grateful to have served as catalysts for what He wants to do in Columbia through Awaken Church. He gave us His heart, passion, and vision, and now that has spread to dozens and dozens. Through it all, God has built a church. And He’s just getting started!

God is working right now to prepare a new Lead Pastor for Awaken. In the meantime, He is going to use this season to strengthen His church and prepare her for what’s next and for her new Lead Pastor. All the while, He will continue to use Awaken to make His name great through lives changed by the gospel.

What God starts, He finishes (Philippians 1:6). What God promises to build, He builds (Matthew 16:18). When God promises abundantly more, He does abundantly more (Ephesians 3:20-21). In the best of times and the worst of times…He is there, He is at work, and He is able!

Awaken Church is God’s Church. It was four years ago when we moved to Columbia. It was two years ago when we launched. It is now. It will be for all eternity.

Why We’re Excited About Moving

The Lord turned to him and said, “Go in the strength you have…Am I not sending you?” Judges 6:14 (HCSB)

I shared a little of the behind the scenes story with you yesterday on why Awaken is moving again. Today, I wanted to share the biggest reason we’re excited about the move back to Polo Road Elementary.

On September 11, we will launch TWO Sunday morning worship services at 9:30 am and 11:15 am! Moving to two services has five big benefits for our mission:

  1. We have more room to reach more people. Our greatest limiting factor at Polo Road is space – everything is smaller because it’s an elementary school. Multiple worship services multiplies the space and will allow us to reach more people.
  2. No longer will volunteers have to miss the worship service in order to serve. Now, volunteers can attend a service AND serve during a service. That will be a huge encouragement to our current volunteers and will hopefully help new attenders take the next step to serve.
  3. Involved people can invite people every week. We’ve learned that it’s much more difficult to invite friends to church when you will be serving and unable to sit with them during the service. Now, everyone who is involved will be able to invite friends to the service they attend every week.
  4. AwakenKids small group leaders will have greater impact and influence. Rather than having so many small group leaders rotating throughout the month, leaders can serve more consistently because they no longer have to miss the service in order to serve. Consistency means leaders will get to know kids and their families much better. Consistency leads to influence and impact!
  5. Something new creates and sustains momentum. God has given us a healthy shot of momentum – attendance is up by 30%, giving is up, and many have been been saved this summer. We want to see that momentum increase, not flame out. Two services allows that momentum to carry into the school year.

Two services allows us to reach more peopleinvolve more peopleinvite more peoplebetter influence kids and families. We’re praying for an “Only God” move of God in this move to two services – that He would make His name great through even more lives changed by the gospel!

If you’re not yet involved at Awaken, why not do it now and be a part of what God is doing?! Simply complete this form and we’ll help you find your place.

Why Awaken is Moving…Again

I joked last week that Awaken is becoming a nomadic church. Like Rick Warren said about the early days of Saddleback, “If you can find us, you can come!” Finding and securing meeting space for a new church is one of the most exciting and frustrating parts of the deal.

We built an incredible partnership with Polo Road Elementary School in the 2 years we met there from our launch team meetings in 2009 to May 2011. Heading into the summer, we needed to find a different location because of renovation work scheduled at Polo Road.

By God’s grace, the door opened for us to meet at Spring Valley High School. This was a huge answer to prayer and put us in an incredible location with a beautiful facility. We experienced a great deal of growth over the summer and hoped to be able to stay at Spring Valley.

We made our request to stay and after a couple of conversations, Spring Valley had to say, “No.” The principal shared his reasons with me, all of which I understand and completely support. In fact, in our conversation, he said we were the best outside organization they have ever worked with and graciously allowed us to stay at Spring Valley until we figured out what was next for us.

“What’s next” didn’t take long to figure out. While we examined a couple of other longshot options, we also checked back in at Polo Road. Their immediate response was, “you know you have a home here and we’d love to have you back.” What a gift God has given us – a public school and a local church enjoying that kind of partnership!

So, it was really a no brainer and we’re very excited about the move back to Polo Road. We’re praying bold prayers, attempting great things for God, and expecting great things from Him.

The week before we found out we could not stay at Spring Valley, our staff visited Elevation Church to worship together and meet with some of their staff. Pastor Steven Furtick preached a powerful message from Judges 6 and the verse that grabbed me was Judges 6:14 (HCSB) – “The Lord turned to him and said, ‘Go in the strength you have…Am I not sending you?‘” That proved to be a prophetic word for me and our church.

Why are we pumped about moving to Polo Road? Because God is sending us. Because He is sending us, then He is with us. Because He is sending us, He has gone before us.

His plan for Awaken Church was not thwarted by a school, a policy, or a decision. He is ruling, reigning, and rescuing and He is the strength that we have because He is sending us!

:: Important Dates ::

  • Sunday, August 28 @ 10:30 am :: Final Worship Service @ Spring Valley
  • Sunday, August 28 @ 4:00 pm :: Volunteer Vision Night @ Polo Road
  • Sunday, September 4 @ 10:30 am :: First Worship Service @ Polo Road followed by Baptism & BBQ
  • Sunday, September 11 :: Fall Launch @ Polo Road

Tomorrow, I’ll share more about what we’re doing for our Fall Launch on September 11. He’s sending us and we’re pumped!


Almost 3 years ago, Lara Beth and I moved here with nothing but a call from God and a fuzzy picture of what we hoped God would do in Columbia, SC. Our only desire was to plant a church that God would use to transform lives, our city, and the nations.

Without jumping ahead of the game, it is truly humbling to see that dream becoming a reality as Awaken Church gains more and more traction in our community. One word describes my feelings: grateful.

I’m grateful to have the privilege of planting and leading a church where, as of yesterday, 53 people have trusted Jesus as Savior in just under 1 year.

I’m grateful that Awaken has grown in attendance by 50% since June. Many of those who are new to our church have quickly begun serving on our volunteer teams.

I’m grateful to see so many gifted people serve faithfully week after week knowing that they are a link in the chain of life change.

I’m grateful to see a church that has come alive with a sense anticipation and expectation for the grace and power of God to transform lives every time we gather.

I’m grateful to see so many first time guests each week. It seems that God has truly made Awaken a hospital for sinners.

I’m grateful that so many who call Awaken home are living as missionaries in their neighborhoods, workplaces, dorms, and classes.

I’m grateful to pastor a church that is so hungry for the Word.

I’m grateful to be surrounded by a team of leaders who love Jesus, love our church, and love me. They push me to lead out of my calling and gifting.

I’m grateful. AC’ers…I hope you are, too. God is doing a tremendous work and no question, He has given us a wave of momentum.

Let’s ride it with an audacious faith that knows God is nowhere near finished with what He wants to do in and through Awaken Church. Keep praying and keep inviting your friends!

Let’s ride it as a contagious community that reflects the gospel by the way we love, serve, and honor one another.

Let’s ride it with radical generosity by investing more of the time, gifts, and finances God has given us to use for His glory & mission. If you are not giving or serving yet, now is the time!

Let’s be sure to do it all with a sense of deep gratitude. Our God is good and He’s on a mission and we get to be a part of it. May we never get used to seeing God move powerfully among us, but instead, may we anticipate and expect His power all the more.

It’s happening, AC’ers…let’s be grateful and keep pressing on!