Hello, North Rock Hill!

As Lara Beth and I wrestled through God’s call away from Columbia and to Rock Hill, one of my mentors said, “When you surrender to God’s call, there are lots of ‘goodbyes.’ But behind the goodbyes, there are a lot of new ‘hellos.'” That statement served as a great encouragement to us.

This week, we get to officially say, “Hello, North Rock Hill!” We’re excited to get started with this new season and new adventure with our new faith family.

As we get started, I want to ask you to pray with us and for us in these five areas:

1. Pray for our house in Columbia to sell. We’ve had several showings and all have been very positive, but no offers have been made. Pray that it will sell and sell soon!

2. Pray for us to find the right house in Rock Hill. We will likely rent at first so that we can go ahead and move to Rock Hill without having to wait on our Columbia house to sell. If you know of good houses for rent, let us know. Pray for wisdom as we search and decide.

3. Pray for our girls as they prepare to leave their friends, school, and activities in Columbia to embrace new friends, a new school, a new neighborhood, etc. in Rock Hill. Pray they will transition well and feel at home in Rock Hill. In fact, you can pray the same for Lara Beth and me. 🙂

4. Pray for me as I begin leading/working with the staff and Advisory Team. I’ll have my first meetings with Executive Staff, Ministry Staff, and Advisory Team today. Pray for fast friendships and team unity. I am very impressed with the capacity of the NRHC staff and leaders and can’t wait to do life and ministry with them.

5. Pray for me as I begin preaching this Sunday. It’s been 4 weeks since I last preached and I am chomping at the bit to get going again! I’m excited about our first 2 sermon series – pray that God will use them to set the course and pace for what He wants to do NEXT in and through NRHC. The potential in this church is off the charts – I can’t wait to see what God does!

North Rock Hill, we’re thrilled to be with you and excited about what God has ahead of us. Let’s get after it!

Friday Five

I know…it’s been a while. Getting the blog fired back up. Here are a few quick notes:

  1. We’re having another girl! We found out yesterday that Baby Hardwick #3 is going to join with her older sisters to form the Hardwick Trifecta. We’re excited and thankful for a healthy baby and a healthy Mama.
  2. I absolutely love what God is doing in Awaken Church right now. He is doing a great work of renewal, restoration, and refocusing in us and the momentum is palpable. Last Sunday possibly the most powerful worship service we’ve experienced to date. I’m expecting God to do big things again this Sunday as we continue the RESTORE series.
  3. A big reason that we are seeing God moving so powerfully is that so many in our Awaken family are praying and fasting. We launched a 40 days season of prayer and fasting 2 weeks ago. There is no doubt that when God’s people seek His face with passion and intentionality, He shows up in big ways.
  4. Steve Burnette is doing an incredible job already as our Community & Admin Pastor. Community Groups will launch mid-March, which will be another huge shot of momentum for Awaken. Community is a huge part of our vision and strategy – I can’t to see how God will use these groups to help people know, live, and share the gospel.
  5. As I mentioned, the blog is back up and rolling. I’m planning to post at least 3 times per week with my primary audience being the people of Awaken Church and church planters. I just haven’t had the bandwidth to devote to writing on a regular basis, but that is changing and I hope to once again leverage this tool as a space to communicate with our church and other church planters.

Have a great weekend! AC’ers…I can’t wait to see you on Sunday!

The Gamecocks Are National Champs!

Your 2010 NCAA Baseball National Champions…the Carolina Gamecocks! How sweet it is!

Ever Played a 900 Yard Par 3?

Yeah, I thought it was a joke, too. It’s not.

The 19th hole at Legend Golf and Safari Resort boasts a tee box positioned 1,410 feet above the green shaped like the continent of Africa. Golfers must take a helicopter to the tee box and rely on ball spotters and tracking equipment to know where their ball lands since the average hang time is about 26 seconds.

Padraig Harrington is the only golfer to card a par 3 on the hole. He did so in a playoff with Raphaël Jacquelin. Check it out…

(if you’re reading this in a feed reader, you may need to click through to my blog to view the video)

The Day of Hope for Every Cubs Fan


It’s that glorious day that comes every spring.

You know it by the hint of warmth, the cool breeze, the splash of sunshine, and the hope shared by a fraternity of long-suffering fans of which I am a lifetime member.

Yes, folks, it’s baseball’s opening day. And together with all Cubs fans everywhere, we hope against hope and wonder…”Could this be the year?”

Could this be the year that our beloved Cubbies move from “loveable losers” to “World Champions” for the first time in 101 years? Could this be the year that billy goats are rendered meaningless? Could this be the year that we’ll imagine Harry Caray yelling the ultimate, “Cubs Win! Cubs Win! Cubs Win!”

Despite all the heartache from years of losing, years of slipping in the playoffs…think last year’s sweep from the Dodgers and the Steve Bartman fiasco in ’03…years of being flat terrible, Opening Day brings with it fresh hope. Could this be the year?

It all starts tonight at 7:05 pm in Houston. No better way to kick off the season than to beat the Astros and Roy Oswalt!

Here’s to hope and the Cubbies! Let’s play ball!